How to delete Windows.old folder on Windows 10

delete Windows.old folder

Windows 10 is a personal computer operating system developed and released by Microsoft. When an update is available in Windows 10, it’s automatically downloaded and installed, keeping your device up to date with the latest features. but there is a problem user was facing. if you update to new version. the old windows files are still in a folder called ‘Windows.old’. and it can’t be deleted. when you try to delete the folder it popups a window ‘try again’. so today we are telling you how to delete Windows.old folder on windows 10.

delete Windows.old folder on Windows 10

  • open My Pc and right click on Windows (c:) partition.delete Windows.old folder
  • click on Properties and then click on Disk Clean-up.delete Windows.old folder
  • click on Clean-up system file.delete Windows.old folder
  • mark previous windows installation. and hit enter.delete Windows.old folder

it may take sometimes. depends on how much fils are there in windows.old folder.

that’s it if any doubt please comment down below.

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