Fix Media Server Battery drain issue on Android

Fix Media Server Battery drain

some of the Android devices have battery drain issue because of the Media Server. when we go to the Battery usage in Settings the Media server percentage is higher than Screen. so today we are going to show you how to fix Media Server Battery drain issue and Heating issue.

Why this happens

in our SD card or phone storage, some unwanted files are not reading perfectly and it’s always trying to read the files in the background. so it’s may cause battery drain and heating issues.

Fix Media Server Battery drain issue

Method 1

  • remove unwanted files from SD card and phone storage.
  • clear the cache(settings>storage>cached data).
  • unmount your SDcard and remount it.

if you tried these methods and still have the draining issue? follow Method 2.

Method 2

  • go settings and tap on About.
  • tap 4 times in ‘Builder number‘ and then go back to main settings.Fix Media Server Battery drain
  • tap on Developer option and scroll down.
  • set Background process limit to ‘No background processes‘.Fix Media Server Battery drain

when we change the background process limit to no background process. your device never processes any app or programs in the background. so it can fix the Media Server issue.

Method 3 (ROOT)

This is basically the method by which you will be able to fix your MediaServer issue. If your media server is using up most of your battery then you got to try it. in this method no need to disabling of processes or deleting of files, no formatting nothing, know the name of the file that’s confusing the MediaServer and hide it from MediaServer scanning system.

List of Commands Used :
1. su
2. top | grep media
3. lsof | grep media_rw

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