How to download and install iOS 12 beta

How to download and install iOS 12 beta?

You need to go to the following web page using Safari on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch device: After you’ve signed up you will be offered a profile to download and install on your iOS device. After it’s been downloaded, you restart your device and then head over to Settings > General > Software Update to download the update.

Links To Download iOS 12: 

Note: The iOS 12 beta is not yet available via the public beta program (according to Apple it will drop later this month), only via the paid Apple Developer Program.

If things get too bad, you can always uninstall the beta version of iOS and go back to the release version. Apple has documentation on how to do this here.

iOS 12 beta is supported on the following devices:

This means that all devices that run iOS 11 can run the iOS 12 beta. This means that the oldest Apple devices that can support iOS 12 will be the iPhone 5s and iPad Air.

When will iOS 12 be available?

Starting today, developers (with developer accounts) will be able to download and install iOS 12. Everyone else will have to wait until the Public Beta becomes available later in June or until the final release, which usually happens in the fall.

For developers

Apple is releasing iOS 12 in beta form to developers first. The first release is usually the roughest, and bound to have bugs and lead to app incompatibility. This is why Apple takes a cautious approach to the first release.

Those with a paid Apple Developer account can download and install iOS 12, along with WatchOS 5, MacOS Mojave and the latest TVOS beta through the developer portal.

The process involves installing a provisioning profile and downloading the update over-the-air or downloading the full builds and loading through iTunes or Xcode.

An Apple Developer membership costs $100 per year, and unless you are planning on creating and selling apps, isn’t worth signing up for just to get early access to iOS 12.

For everyone else

Apple will release iOS 12 as part of its public beta program at some point in June. The official iOS 12 press release simply states the update will join the public beta “later this month,” meaning some time in June. Last year, Apple released iOS 11 public beta less than two weeks after the keynote.

When the public beta goes live, you’ll need to visit to sign up. Just be sure to make a backup of your device first.

But first, back up your device

Before you even think about installing iOS 12, especially while it’s in beta, do your future self a favor and create a backup right now. Don’t rely on iCloud, but preferably use iTunes on a computer.

With your iOS device connected to iTunes, select “Backup to this computer” and check the box to create an encrypted backup. Set a password, and let iTunes do its thing.

Creating an encrypted backup saves all of your account and app passwords. If you should need to restore your iOS device, you can use this backup and not have to enter passwords.


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