How To Increase RAM Performance In Android | No Root

Increase RAM Performance

Some of the Android phones issue that there is not enough ram to run an Android Apps. and if you open any Apps it’s lag your device. and if your device has less than 1 GB ram (512 MB, 717 MB, 1 GB) it may happen. so today we are discussing how to increase ram performance in android without root permission. with this trick, you can’t increase the Ram but you can increase the Ram performance also it will decrease the Ram usage.

Increase RAM Performance In Android

  • Open settings and tap on About.
  • tap 4 times in ‘Builder number‘ and then go back to main settings.Fix Media Server Battery drain
  • tap on Developer option and scroll down
  • set Background process limit to ‘No background processes‘.Fix Media Server Battery drain

when we change the background process limit to no background process. your device never processes any app or programs in the background. so it can Increase RAM Performance In Android.

you can also check this video

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