Apple has claimed the iPhone X has “the most durable glass ever in a smartphone”.  drop test has been performed by SquareTrade – it provides protection plans for mobile devices. They took the help of mechanical apparatus and robot to create different drop situations, namely, sideways drop test (dropped from six feet), face down test (six feet), back down drop test (6 feet), putting the iPhone X in a box to create a 60-second tumble experience.

Each of these tests resulted in different damages, such as the screen and face ID hardware stopped working when the device was dropped face down.

SquareTrade has given the iPhone X a breakability score of 90 and called it the “most breakable iPhone” ever. To remind you, the screen replacement cost for iPhone X’s SuperRetina OLED display is $279 without AppleCare. For other damages, you would have to pay $549.

In the case of iPhone X’s inferior siblings, SquareTrade has given them a breakability score of 67 (medium risk) to iPhone 8 and 74 to iPhone 8 Plus (medium-high risk). For a comparison, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was given a breakability score of 80 which means high risk.


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