How to Remove Shortcut arrow in Windows 10

Remove shortcut arrow

in every windows version, when you place a shortcut icon in Desktop you will get an icon include an arrow mark. if you are not like the shortcut arrow icon for every application on the Desktop. here is the simple method to hide or remove shortcut arrow on windows 10. also this help you if your shortcut icon is still in a black square.

Remove Shortcut arrow in Windows 10

  • Search regedit.
  • Open Regedit and navigate to


  • create new key name it ‘Shell icons‘ (Edit>New>Key).hide Shortcut arrow
  • Now you need to create a  new String value name it 29 inside your new shell icons key (right-click the empty area and click new string value).Hide shortcut arrow

now you need a transparent ico file Click here to download

  • save the downloaded file in a safe folder.
  • in shell icons key, right click on 29 and then click on Modify.Hide shortcut arrow
  • paste the ico file directory in Value data.

eg: C:\Users\ADMIN\Pictures\Icons\transparent.ico

Hide shortcut arrow

  • restart your pc.

that’s it. if any doubt please comment down below.

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