In this article, I’ll be telling you how to search and download torrents using terminal via Torrench.

Torrench is a command line-based tool that can be used to search and download torrents from different torrent-hosting websites.

Torrench lets you search and download a torrent file from the internet. Its sources are DistroWach, The Pirate Bay ,KickassTorrents etc.. but some sites are not added. Torrench have promised to add more websites.

install Torrench

For installing Torrench to download torrents using need to have Python 3 pre-installed on your machine. If you’re running updated release of Python, Python 3.x would be already installed on your computer.

In Ubuntu, Fedora, SUSE, etc., users can install Torrench using pip. In case pip isn’t installed, here’s how you can do it on Ubuntu or apt-based systems.

<span class=“pln”>sudo apt</span><span class=“pun”></span><span class=“pln”>get install pyt

After that, you can install Torrench using pip by running this command:

  1.  sudo python3 -m pip install –upgrade torrench
  2. sudo pip3 install torrench

To finish the Torrench configuration to download torrents using the terminal, you need to put a config.ini file in $HOME/.config/torrench location. Download the file from here. Copy the file as follows:

$ cp -v ~/Downloads/config.ini $HOME/.config/torrench

In case the path is not defined, you can create the directory using this command:

$ mkdir $HOME/.config/torrench

Before telling you how to use Torrench utility for searching torrent files and downloading them, let me tell you how to enable it. For doing so, open the copied-pasted config.ini file and set enable=1 at the end of the file. Now save and exit.

To use Torrench, you need to open terminal or command prompt and use torrench command followed by the search term. Let me show you how to do this. Additional features and arguments can be found here on GitHub page.

image by torrench
  • Searching LinuxTracker : It displays tons of Linux distros in organized and tabular form. You can also search using categories:    

             torrench “SEARCH_STRING”

  • Searching Distrowatch: 

             torrench -d “SEARCH_STRING” <span class=”pl-c”>## Search distrowatch</span>

  • Searching The Pirate Bay:

torrench -t “SEARCH_STRING”

  • Searching KickassTorrents:

               torrench -k “SEARCH_STRING”

  • Searching SkyTorrents:

torrench s “SEARCH_STRING”