users saw a message that their Windows installation had been frozen due to the violation of Microsoft’s terms.

The message further mentioned that one needs to call a Microsoft tech support phone number. If one called on the number shown on the screen, no help was provided. Instead, the person will be put in touch with an agent selling unnecessary services. The users were also told that they need to pay $99.99 for a new license.

Now, a new version of the same malware is back with similar tricks to scare users, as reported by The Merkel. However, the users must note that it’s a scam. This “Your Windows is Banned” malware pop up shows on the locks screen as the user boots his/her computer.

The new malware popup shows 2 options —

  • Buy a new Windows key for $50
  • Delete all your data and make your computer unusable

The second statement itself looks like a fraudulent message and it should make things clear. It also mentions that user needs to pay $50 worth of BTC and visit a particular URL.

Such attacks are very immature in nature and they are designed to fool the internet novices who aren’t familiar with different dangers. In such cases, it’s advisable to perform a thorough malware scan using an antivirus and contact the official customer support to seek help.