YouTube tests new tools to help creators make more money

YouTube tests new tools

YouTube creators have lately been baffled by the sudden penalties and demonetization of certain channels, and the company is now looking for new and improved ways to prevent that from happening. As part of the creators’ update on their communication policies and “priorities”, CEO Susan Wojcicki announced that YouTube is now testing a new way to help creators avoid being penalized or losing advertising revenue.

Wojcicki informed the creators about the new pilot program that started with a handful of creators and will allow them to share a short description about the content of the video. This description will allow human moderators, as well as filtering algorithms based on machine learning, to judge which videos conform to the rules set by YouTube and which ones are not.

YouTube is now asking you to clarify if your videos contain sex, drugs, guns or firearms, violence or profane language. This will help the company direct the video to the appropriate age groups and will likely include recent incidents, including the controversial Logan Paul suicide video or the use of PewDiePie’s racial commentary.

While previous creators needed only 10,000 views to claim monetization, in February, this criterion was changed to have at least 1,000 subscribers and a minimum of 4,000 hours of total audience in the last year. This led to widespread degradation of the creators and fueled a lot, which led to deadly killings at YouTube headquarters earlier this month.

Wojcicki has talked about the six-fold commitment to creators since January 2018. In light of this, the company will extend Twitch’s subscription to slots beyond gaming videos. In this format, YouTubers users can pay monthly recurring payments of $ 4.99 to support their favorite creators. YouTube has not clarified the selection criteria of creators who have access to the feature, but given its history, it is likely that the company will choose some of the best performing channels before presenting them to a more creative community.

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